British Museum, John Snow and Neals Yard June 2017

I  know us Aussies like to laugh at the Poms when they have a “heatwave” but 6 days of over 30 in London is not pleasant and 34 was damned awful.  None of the buses are air conditioned and some of the tubes and trains are but invariably I got the ones that weren’t.  At one stage the smell on the tube was extremely unpleasant.

Just to prove it was warm and this wasn’t in the sun

But it’s back to more normally low 20s sunny with a cool breeze so I’m much happier now

Off to the British Museum and apart from the fact there were a gazillion children who were all in my way it was very enjoyable as usual

This is a clock !!

Some of the Lewis chessmen

Rosetta stone

I found the John Snow pub but no sign of the infamous pump (for the non scientists

And also visited Neals Yard – very pretty and interesting

And this quirky statue

Columbia Rd Flower Market and Brick Lane June 2017

Been a bit slack but decided I need to record today.  It was hot by London standards – 30 and about 50% humidity but nothing is air conditioned and they just don’t understand ice.  Some American lady was haranguing the bus driver to turn up the air con and couldn’t get that they just don’t have air con

Anyway – first stop was the Columbia Rd flower market.  Some beautiful flowers and many quite unusual but it was packed and you could barely walk down the street.  Lots of great cafes and quirky shops around the edges of the road.



Then a 15 minute walk to Brick Lane Market.  This market is huge – it must be about 500 metres of blocked off street plus a heap of other side lanes and buildings with food, clothes, bric a brac and the whole United Nations of food stalls – if you couldn’t find something to eat there then you must be really fussy.  After you’ve  finished with Brick Lane then you go over to the Old Spitalfield markets which are nearly as good but a bit more sanitised.



After all this wandering then it was time for a nice cold beer – at least they keep them cold

Chelsea Physic Garden June 2017

Lovely day wandering around the Chelsea Physic Garden.  I love the bumble bees – wish we had them in Australia.

Then to Peggy Porschen for one of the best hot chocolates I’ve had this trip – it got 8/10 and the cup was huge. It is all very pink and it the outside looks lovely but many of those flowers are artificial which is a shame.  They did have a lot of real ones for the Chelsea in bloom though.

Anyway – lots of photos of the garden and the  plants




Lunch at the Physic garden was lovely – wonderful savoury tart

Paddington was looking for plants from Peru but couldn’t find any



A pub crawl near Putney June 2017

A gorgeous day for a pub crawl.  A long walk through Putney Heath

First pub (with a gum tree in the garden)  Great fish and chips and a pale ale

Then onto the Kings Head in Roehampton for another pale ale.

Look how wonky the door is


A bit further on was the quintessential English scene

The onto the Green Man in Putney but forgot to take a photograph.

Very enjoyable day out in glorious weather.

May 27th exploring London

Had a lovely day wondering around Chelsea in Bloom but sadly missed the Chelsea flower show.  Also visited Leighton House which was beautiful but sadly no photos inside.

So my map of  things to do in London includes a number of different bakeries and chocolate shops to try and as I went past one today they were handing out free chocolates but sadly no cafe so I had to keep walking.

The cafe I chose today was Dominique Ansel Bakery where Paddington and I had a hot chocolate and eclair.  Excellent choice.  Staff were very friendly and fun and I would strongly recommend it.  More info here.