New Zealand


Countryside just north of where I am working


Some amazing sunsets – I have to walk nearly three minutes to end of the street to get a good view over the water without all the houses 

Not the most attractive of beaches but would love to go and have a bonfire one night

The beach – nice hills though


Petone where I’m staying – some lovely old buildings and timber houses




















The view from up the hill

Houses in Petone



The Wharf


More scenery

Another beach

Someone from work bought in a real live Logie and they’re incredibly heavy

2 thoughts on “New Zealand”

  1. Well, that’s all very nice, but I think you need to come back to us now. We need you!!!!! *sad face*

    Scenery looks pretty amazing…aside from that “beach”, perhaps. Very green. Must be getting rather chilly! Hope you are having a good time, despite having to work on this particular trip.

  2. Looks lovely and laid back – the sought of place I would like to live but I bet it is freezing. We have just had our first taste of winter in Adelaide and that is plenty cold enough for me. A friend of mine has just returned form Christchurch where he says it was -5c (yes, that is a minus). Too bloody cold for this little black duck.

    Hope to see you soon.


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