Cardiff July 2017

I really enjoyed Cardiff – it’s got a population of about 250,000 but fastest growing city in Europe (according to the guide). It’s quite walkable and the new port area is lovely

The castle – very ornate rooms




Flowers everywhere


The old library – tiles were just beautiful





More pubs with flowers


The guy who started the NHS


Beautiful public buildings






I declined the free bible exhibition



Outside the sports stadium

Cardiff Bay

The Cardiff Millennium building – everything is made from Welsh products

2 thoughts on “Cardiff July 2017”

  1. Where are all the Cardiffians? It looks abandoned.

    It sounds like you’re enjoying the trip – keep the photos coming so us armchair tourists can get our fill 😀

    • That is because I wait for ages until they get out of my photo opportunity

      All going well – currently in Kent and lovely neighbours who not only offered their washing machine when I asked if there was a laundrette nearby but supplied ice and lemon for my gin and tonic and then offered me their house for four weeks while they are in the US!!


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