Wales continues

Been a bit slack keeping up with this.  Would like some comments on whether people are reading this and enjoying it or am I wasting my time

After Cardiff I booked an AirBNB near Abergavenny out in the countryside. I got there and it the countryside was beautiful – very rural with lots of sheep and only the owners next door and then another 500m or more to the next farmhouse. I settled in and couldn’t get the bathroom light to work so they came over and fiddled and got it working. Got the wifi password but that only worked if you were by the window and had one leg in the air and very poor mobile reception – can live with both of these for three nights. The place itself was OK but not one that I would want to revisit.

Toddled off to bed and about 12.30am the lights in the living room switched themselves on and the sound of sparking was very loud – there was a plate in the bedroom where there had been a switch and you could see the sparks coming out of that. Then all the lights just went out again. So – no sleep for me that night and the owners had headed off on holiday for a few weeks. In the morning I thought I really don’t want to be here with that sort of thing) so sent a message to the owner and checked myself out of there. In the meantime found another AirBNB near Hereford that was just lovely and had a lovely couple of nights. The owner said her father was an electrician and checked the place out and couldn’t find anything wrong HUH but got most of my money back anyway

So the photos

Just another pretty pub in Bedgellert and the story





Bywyd Gwyllt Glaslyn Wildlife – Osprey sites – there were quite a few weird twitchers out there



Conwy – it was minute – about the size of my bathroom but two story

The walls were huge




Some town in Wales 

I found this place fascinating


And for all the lab people some interesting stuff in this house




Menai Bridge


And I went on a tour to Puffin Island (but no puffins).  I bought an icecream while I was waiting for the boat and the lady said watch out for seagulls and I thought OK but this guy proceeded to put his jacket around me because the buggers just wouldn’t go away

Beaumaris castle

8 thoughts on “Wales continues”

  1. Hi Sue, I love your photos. Thought I’d give you a shout since you asked for feedback. Hope the rest of your trip goes well.

  2. Hi Sue,
    Looks like you’re having a great time. Love the photos!
    We miss you, though, but I bet you’re not missing us! 🙁

    • Oh thanks – it’s nice to be missed – I sort of miss you guys because it’s nice to catch up with friends but I’ve had a few catch up with friends here so that helps – I think it would be hard to come for six months without knowing anyone. You hang in there and relax!!



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