Scotland update

Thanks to everyone who contacted me about the blog so I’ll keep going.  For those who don’t know you can add comments on each of the posts.

Currently in Scotland drove some of the most magnificent coastline today.  Photos to follow


Currently in Scotland and was going to post lots of photos and update my blog. 15 minutes from my BnB for the night the road was blocked by a fatal road accident and the only alternative was to turn back or drive 90 minutes on single lane highway into the setting sun. Headed back and found the loveliest BnB with a fantastic view and the owner offered to drive me into town so I could have a few drinks with dinner. So photos and blog update will be a couple of days because an extra long day of driving tomorrow.
The scenery here is just amazing!!


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  1. Glad you found a fix for that problem – agile(problem solving) minds are not that common I have recently discovered.

    I can’t believe it is already three months since you left.
    What is happening for the rest of your “journey”?


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